We all have a good idea about what we need in life. Sometimes, the needs aren’t as extravagant – you might just want to get a house to live in, great clothes to wear and good food to eat.

But then, what if you could do more? What if you could earn more money and get all the things that you love? What if you could afford to dream big?

The Mantra To Go Big

You need money to survive. You need money to buy food and rent a house. You need to have money to buy clothes and other accessories to dress and make yourself acceptable. You need money to provide for your family and children. And you need money to fulfill your dream of traveling to Paris!

Turns out, you can do a whole lot more with your life, only if you stop watching TV!

Why Can Watching TV Kill You?

TV viewing is one of the favorite pastimes in today’s day and age. Long gone are the days when people considered outdoor games and activities to be the best way to spend an evening or morning for that matter.

People all over the globe entertain themselves in front of a television irrespective of what they are watching. But did you know that this everyday tradition has its share of shortcomings too and that the television is, in actual truth, the enemy in the house?

Here is a list of 10 ways that watching TV is killing you:

1. Obesity and Overweight: Due to physical inactivity, i.e. lacking movement or exercise because of an activity that does not require physical exertion, people start to gain weight. Do not think that it is a mere coincidence that Mexico is one of the number 1 countries in obesity and also one of the countries where people watch more television.

2. Steals time: 2 to 4 hours a day, people spend watching television when they could really do something productive or something beneficial for themselves, such as exercise, go to language classes, develop some talent such as music, a hobby development of a project or business, etc.

3. It affects your thoughts: This depends on what you see on television. However, according to statistics, most people see entertainment channels, music, and sports. That means that most people are not watching Discovery Channel or National Geographic and therefore, it fills their head with leisure. Although we do not want, our thoughts and behavior are strongly influenced by the things that fill our minds. A clear example is people who read or see too much news tend to be more paranoid.

4. You become a commercial white: Television works and is held together from advertising, which is the core business. So, that makes you a potential target of being bombarded with ads and then you feel anxious or feel a need to buy things you do not need.

5. Alters your perception of reality: The standards of beauty, fashion and lifestyle are usually marked by what we see on television. How do people behave in television programs? What are the clothing sizes and the brands? Those are the standards that people use in their daily lives.

6. Addiction or dependence: Many people feel relieved because, in reality, television is a very effective way to distract the mind from problems or concerns of everyday life. However, it gradually begins to cause people to become dependent on watching the screen every single day.

7. Distancing important relationships: As you can see in the survey responses, most people would rather watch TV than spend time with friends or family, which causes relationships to gradually wear down and obviously affects them, especially if they are relations as intimate as a partner or a friend.

8. It makes you lazy: For the simple reason that it is not a healthy habit to watch TV 2 or 3 hours per day and that takes away discipline to do other things you could be doing. If you add 2 hours per day watching TV in 5 years, you would have spent 3,650 hours watching TV and what have you achieved by that?

9. Effects on children: In children, it can cause serious behavioral problems, aggression, hyperactivity or promiscuity, depending on the type of programs they are watching.

10. It makes you eat more: Studies have shown that sitting in front of a TV all day, every single day makes you want to keep munching or snacking on something or the other which ultimately makes you gain a lot of weight!

it’s time to stop watching television. Don’t you?