The US Elections are over; the results are out and guess what … Donald Trump is the President Elect. This has been a hard pill for many people to swallow not only in the US but in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. Everyone seems afraid of the “promises/ threats” made by Donald Trump during the campaign period to come true.

Despite all the drama that surrounded the US elections, over time many people have come to believe in many assumptions. It has been quite difficult to point out who started the assumptions but today, many people have come to believe the myths as the truth.

It’s time to debunk the myths that have plagued the US politics. Here are 10 big myths about US politics that have become believable among many people.

10. The Republican Party is composed wholly of white Americans

Black Republican

The media portrays the Republican Party as wholly composed of white Americans only. This seems to be the explanation why Donald Trump was able to clinch the Presidential seat defeating Hillary Clinton. The one thing many people forget today is that being a Republican means being a conservative. According to history, the Republican Party was formed around the opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska act. This happened in 1854. Since then, the US has become a multicultural nation and people of varying descent have joined the party. They have varying reasons for joining the party but one main reason for doing so is believing in the party’s vision and mission.

9. The Republicans are racist

Republicans are racist

The Republican Party has been identified with the Southern States. This is what led to the party being linked to racism. What many people don’t know is that racism is a personal belief and not related to the party vision or mission. Sure, a few members may have negative feelings about people of certain descent but this should not be wholly tied to the party itself. There may be Democrats who are racists and as said earlier, this is not something that many people will go advertising about. The actions they carry out speak about one’s beliefs rather than generalizing a whole organization or political party.

8. The President is all powerful


It is a common myth that the President is all powerful. This is why voters focus their blame and hopes on one person and office. People seem to forget that the government is composed of different bodies. The President’s office does not exert overwhelming control over the country, the direction of politics and the state of the economy. While Presidential candidates will make all manner of threats and promises, key decisions pass through several people before they are even passed into laws. For example, during the Presidential campaign, Donald Trump reiterated that he will build a wall between US and Mexico. This led many people to begin making plans of relocating from the country once he was announced as the winner. What many people don’t know is that no action can be carried out by one person. The US is a democracy.

7. Every politician is a liar

Every politician is a liar

When seeking votes from the people, politicians make several pledges which have been termed as political promises. This is because many of them remain so even when one is elected to the office. For example, when Barrack Obama was campaigning, he said that once elected, he will close Guantanamo. Did this happen? Find out for yourself.

The above example is one of the promises made by politicians over the years seeking office. Does this make politicians liars? Well, it does not. When politicians make promises, they do so with a vision in mind. When elected, they find out that a lot is at stake and in end you may find some of the promises being fulfilled while others are not.

6. Independents are purely independent


2016 was graced by different Presidential candidates. Only two seemed to stand out – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The people and the media forgot that there are independent candidates who were vying for the position too. Even the electoral results available on the internet and media houses did not display clearly where each independent candidate stood. The question is, are Independent candidates purely independent. It will surprise you to know that this is not true. There are independent who side with views from either the Republican or Democrat parties respectively.

5. Democrats love peace, Republicans love war


This statement can be compared with the terms of George Bush Senior and George Bush. Many people remember the Gulf War and the Iraq War which were invasions started by both the 41st and the 43rd Presidents. Over the years, many have come to characterize both wars with a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein. While George Bush Senior and George Bush belonged to the Republican Party, it does not mean that the Republicans love war. What people need to know is that a war is not started by the President; key decisions are made by different players before the final decision is made.

4. Immigration is a thorn in the flesh of US


This is a myth that has been propagated by pollsters and the media itself. The world became a global village once man built boats that could travel across the sea. No single person can claim that a country rightfully belongs to a certain race or community. People will always travel, live and work in another country where opportunities present themselves.

3. A lot of money corrupts political campaigns

Money corruption

It is a common practice for politicians to seek funds in order to run their campaign finally achieving their goal of being elected into office. When it comes to the Presidential election, a lot is usually at stake. For example, during the 2016 Presidential campaigns, Hillary Clinton had serious backers some of whom included billionaire George Soros. Donald Trump although a billionaire himself, the Republican Party refused to continue funding him. Despite all this, he won the elections.

2. Democrats are big spenders, Republicans are not

Money politics

Many people believe that Democrats love to spend on the poor which balloons the budget while Republicans spend less. If you want to find out who spends more during their tenure, all you need to do is check the budget data. The statistics are available.

1. Citizens become conservative as they age

Old conservatives

This is not true but what remains the truth is that as people age, they get to vote according to their beliefs and not what the media or pollsters are propagating. They have been there over the years. They have heard all the political campaign promises. Some have been fulfilled, others have not. To the aged, all that matters is that the right decisions are made for the future of the country.