While Game of Thrones remains a loved character-fuelled and popular drama, it doesn’t lack some ridiculous decisions throughout. A product of HBO, this show features highly complex character relationships. Often, the characters arrive at decisions with lasting effects on individuals they’ve never met. Some decisions are bigger compared to others. Other decisions have far reaching consequences. Lastly, some decisions affect only decision makers themselves.

However, one thing seems to prevail. The choices the characters make are incredibly stupid. Actually, it’s rather bewildering. In honor of the characters loved and known by many, here are the 10 dumbest decisions made Game of Thrones characters … Some of the decisions are unfortunate while others are merely downright unbelievable, with terrible, terrible consequences:

1. Stark Lads miss the Dire Omen


In the first Season, Episode 1, the Stark men are coming home to Winterfell. They’ve just executed an absconder from the Night’s Watch. As they travel through the Wolfswood, a fresh stag carcass awaits them. They also come across a felled direwolf that has a broken antlers with a piercing on her neck. A direwolf and a stag coming together … both now dead. Among the lads, Jon Snow is the first to recognize the direwolf omen. Just like him, what everyone misses has to do with the foreboding significance of a dead stag. Soon, King Robert makes his way to Winterfell. The horned stag is his house sigil. As old friends, Robert and Ned embrace, thus a direwolf and a stag coming together. 8 episodes later, both aren’t alive. For sure, it goes as a warning sign that wasn’t overlooked.

2. Rob Stark Choosing Love


Any modern audience would understand why Robb Stark would choose love over duty in regards to taking a wife. Nonetheless, this man is responsible for a family empire. The last thing he should be interested in is a nobody from Winterfell’s outskirts. He not only rejects a vital ally in the process but is also an ally with an irritated psychopath as its leader. We all know exactly how that puns out. By the way, it makes sense only in the books.

3. The Sparrows Rise


Most people found the unexpected rise of the Sparrow as well as his followers not plausible at all! To throw the King’s mother and the Queen for extended periods needs some serious military muscle and not just some handful of religious fanatics that stand by the steps of a temple, as they look moody. There are signs, at least that their house of cards will crash down in the 6th season.

4. Stannis Baratheon’s Gullibility


This is another card-carrying member of ‘leaders’ that ought to know better. There is no doubt that Stannis’ actions need quite a huge suspension of believe. At one time, he is hanging off on every word Melisandre says. He sacrifices his kids along the way. The other minute he is exiting, leaving her behind and makes up his mind. Every viewer at this point shouted at his or her screen in utter frustration during the 5th seasons merely because of the scattergun approach of Stannis to decision making.

5. Catelyn Arrests Tyrion


The decision might be because of putting much trust on Littlefinger. However, the decision as such a poor one. It caused plenty of chaos that is found itself here. After Catelyn was told that the dagger utilized in her son’s attempted assassination was Littlefinger’s, which he lost in Tyrion’s bet, she surely took his word for fact. He had Tyrion arrested. The act did no good whatsoever other than officially breaking out a war between the Lannisters and Starks.

6. Robb Stark’s Betrayal


In this show, broken promises never lead to great outcomes. However, Robb Stark broke a promise to the most unforgiving and despicable men. He was to marry one of Frey’s daughters. However, he fell in love with another person and they got married. Today, his actions would be totally understood. Not in the world of this show. Bloodshed follows when you break such a promise. The grave mistake he did was ask for assistance from someone he had betrayed. Now, why on earth would someone do such a thing?

7. Rather than Confronting Robert, Ned Confronts Cersei


After Ned discovers something close to incest, it is only logical that he would approach King Robert and relay the message of deception. He had proof. Stupidly, he takes the information to Cersei. He opted to threaten her with the discovery. His thought process leaves a lot to be desired at this point. Actually, it was the gravest mistake in this series…

8. Deaths are overdone


The proud signature moves in Games of Thrones are the unexpected deaths when the show first hit the screen. It helped make the show unique. It wasn’t afraid to shock viewers. After many seasons, the many deaths turned into self-parody. You really wonder whether every character will make it to the show’s end.

9. Bran Entering a Vision Solo


Bran Stark wasn’t ready to enter without the 3-eyed Raven accompanying him. Each time they entered a vision together, it was clear that Bran wasn’t ready to go it alone without their guidance. Nonetheless, at one point, when they were sleeping, he decided he should go ahead and try it anyway. It turned out to be a severe mistake. The Night King ended up marking Bran. The mark directed White Walkers directly to his location.

10. Rayder Declining to Bend the Knee


At first, this action only affected him since he was sentenced to burn in the stake. Nonetheless, it attracted a bigger impact than realized. For instance, if he agreed, probably Stannis might have defeated the Boltons. It would mean that everyone that died at Bolton’s hands could have been alive.


Decisions made in HBOs Game of Thrones hold consequences with the ability to literally end in death or life. The stakes are always quite high regardless of the who the decision affects. For some reason, the characters aren’t the best decision makers. So many exceptional characters have died. In the show, the charters hated by many but who are extremely powerful, kick the bucket as well. All these are because of sheer arrogance and stupidity. The above are the 10 dumbest made by Game of Thrones characters.