Last month, Apple launched its latest flagship devices, the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7. The press event was held in San Francisco.

While it’s always major news whenever the company announces its latest models because of improvements and new features, this time round, the new devices face plenty of criticism. Apple, the once king of innovation, is no more. At this point, it’s safe to say that the company is nothing but generic. The iPhone 7 solidifies these claims.

Let us look at the top 10 reasons why this flagship smartphone sucks:

1. The Headphone Jack Removal


Are you on team #JackOff or pro-jack? Objectively, it’s quite impossible to justify the removal of headphone jack. The blatant truth is that this decision was out of nothing but greed. Just think of this, how many times has your device’s headphone wire saved it from hitting the pavement? This isn’t the only problem. Removing the headphone jack simply means that you must contend with wireless headphones. They are not only expensive, but also problematic. Additionally, losing them is easy.

It’s not clear how iPhone enthusiasts will charge their phones or even listen to music via the Lightning port devoid of a dock.

2.  Same Screen Resolution


In comparison to last year’s model, the display is getting much improved. Apple has integrated the iPad Pro’s True Tone display technology into their latest model. Nonetheless, it’s still HD and Full HD resolutions for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These doesn’t match with what the competition is providing. Not that the company has ever been on par with the competition’s hardware … of course!

3.  ‘Boring’ Design


During the launch, Apple explained that it had enhanced the design of the previous year’s handset. Definitely, it ain’t a bad thing to discover iPhone getting a better and more polished version of the company’s design for the previous two years. However, many folks will still make a fuss over it. Certainly, it’s highly understandable.

4. Poor Battery Life


Based on early tests, the iPhone 7 has a very poor battery life. Apple said that various improvements in the device would increase both its battery efficiency and life. TechRadar was the first to put the battery life into a test. Their conclusion was that as much as there was an improvement, no evidence existed of a great battery life.

The Guardian also put the phone to the test, utilizing an array of apps. The conclusion was that the handset only lasted 14 hours on average. They noted that it didn’t last until 9.30pm.

5. AirPods Excluded


The device’s new wireless earbuds are not only efficient, but they also look great. AirPods are said to boast a 24-hour battery life, which is all thanks to their charging case. It automatically activates once the AirPods sense that they’ve been worn. They can connect to all users’ Apple devices as well as Siri. So where lays the problem?

AirPods aren’t included with the purchase of iPhone 7. They cost a separate $159. If you are an absent-minded owner, you need to be extremely careful about misplacing the wireless earbuds.

6. No Dual Lens Camera


According to Apple, the handset’s dual lens camera system stands out as the best out there. Nonetheless, the technology is only available on the iPhone 7 plus. It is absent in the iPhone 7. What a tragedy!

7. No Warranty Coverage of Water Damage


The company has finally offered the iPhone 7 water protection. The smartphone comes with an impressive IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, Nevertheless, don’t be excited yet! Water resistance is totally different from being waterproof. The device’s warranty doesn’t cover any water damage cases.

8. Jet Black Scratches Effortlessly


The iPhone 7 new color is the jet black option. However, the glossy finish is apparently susceptible to scratches. In fact, Apple themselves are the ones making that statement. The company was quick to offer a solution. Users of the iPhone 7 should utilize the cases available that will offer protection against scratches. The downside of doing this is that it will hide the beauty of the jet black. C’mon Apple, really!

9. There’s Something Weird about the Home Button


Clicking the home button of the iPhone 7 feels weird and funny. Apple replaced the once satisfying click with a ‘buzz.’ Currently, the button requires skin contact in order to grant you access to your phone.

10. No Wireless Charging


Apple will only introduce wireless charging when ‘it has the technology to get it right.’ What does this mean? It simply means that people will continue to wait for an inbuilt wireless charging on an iPhone. Weren’t we getting rid of wires, Apple? Quite a shame!