The arrival of fall means a deluge of pumpkin spiced flavored items in stores and restaurants. Most of these, such as the coffee creamers, marshmallows, and muffins, are so delicious that you’ll want to stock up for when they disappear until the following year. Others, however, are so bad that they never should’ve been made in the first place. Here are ten of the worst pumpkin spice flavored food items ever created.

1. Ground Coffee


Go for the awesome premade lattes, pumpkin spice coffee creamers, and pumpkin spice coffee syrups all you want to, but don’t dare pick up a package of pumpkin spice flavored ground coffee. It will not deliver on any level and will not taste like pumpkin anything on its own. If you want coffee with pumpkin spice flavor do the sensible thing: add a sprinkle of ground pumpkin pie spice, a splash of vanilla, and some sugar to your cup of coffee once it’s done brewing.

2. M&Ms


Here’s the thing with those pumpkin spice M&Ms: they don’t taste like pumpkin spice. They don’t taste like anything but a weirdly flavored regular M&M, and since when was it even a good idea to mix chocolate with traditional pumpkin spice anyhow? This is just an example of companies trying to take advantage of a trend, and in this case, it doesn’t work.

3. Cheerios


There were cinnamon flavored Cheerios available in stores awhile back, and you can usually find Apple Cinnamon Cheerios year round. The pumpkin spice ones, however, are much like the aforementioned varieties with a toned down flavor. Don’t fall for it — you won’t feel like you’re biting into a spoonful of pumpkin pie goodness, you’ll feel like you’re biting into an overpriced mess.

4. Liquor


It really is possible to take a good thing too far, and that’s exactly the case with pumpkin spice alcohol. No one needs vodka, Irish cream, or beer that’s flavored like that — it doesn’t taste quite right, it’s far from satisfying, and all that displeasure comes with a premium price. In some of these drinks, you can hardly discern that there is any pumpkin spice flavoring in it, it’s just a marketing gimmick the majority of the time.

5. Gum


Isn’t gum supposed to freshen your breath? Then why add a flavor like a pumpkin spice to it? Extra brand gum has a pumpkin spice flavor that’s decidedly weird, and this is one of those items that people buy not because it tastes good, but just to say they took the plunge and tried it out.

6. Dairy Free Milk


Go get a glass of regular milk and mix some ground pumpkin spice and a dollop of canned pumpkin into it — you’ll quickly find that you shouldn’t have even tried making such a concoction. Why, then, do companies think it will end up any better with coconut milk and soy milk? It’s a total fail.

7. Candy Corn


As it is, candy corn even at its best doesn’t taste that remarkable. So when you add so-called pumpkin spice flavoring to it candy corn still tastes unremarkable, just with the slightest hint of cinnamon — really slight. It’s best just to leave these on the shelf, you will be disappointed.

8. Pudding


Jell-O brand doesn’t just have pumpkin spice flavored pudding, it has pumpkin spice cheesecake flavored pudding. No, it’s not nearly as good as it sounds, and here’s why: it tastes completely artificial. If you’ve ever had a pudding snack and been left with a weird chemical aftertaste, that’s what this product is like. Those with taste buds that are acclimated to the chemical taste may not mind, everyone else should steer clear.

9. Pringles


Somehow Pringles has evolved over the years to include some really odd flavors in the product’s lineup. They had a dill pickle flavor, one that tasted like tacos, and now there’s also pumpkin spice. Let’s just think about this for a moment: do you really want to taste pumpkin spice on a salty chip? Does anyone? This just isn’t right, and unless you’re someone who craves the mix of salty and sweet you probably won’t enjoy these.

10. Peeps


Sometimes the Peeps folks hit it out of the park with their weird flavor combos, but this one isn’t such a winner. Sure, they’re cute and it’s tempting to jump on the trend bandwagon and buy everything in sight that’s pumpkin spice. However, after biting into one you’ll find that the texture of the peeps, artificial tasting spice mix, super sugary sweetness, and white fudge coating don’t work together very well.