Superheroes have become extremely popular in modern times. Their popularity has a lot to do with the superhero flicks that have been showing up in theaters since 2000. There also has been many other media formats that promote superheroes and their amazing superpowers.

Now, keep in mind that people are attracted to super heroes because of their superpowers. Also, people love to have certain skills that they can use to overcome foes or to rescue people in distress. Here is a list of the top 10 superpowers that people would want if they were a super hero.

10. Invisibility Superpower

Invisibility super power

Invisibility is a great super power because no one will be able to see where a person is or what they can do. This unique power is shared by heroes such as Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) from the Fantastic Four. Other heroes including Dr. Strange, War Machine, and even Iron Man can render themselves to be invisible.

This power is really great for sneaking up on foes or getting past security. Invisibility is a great super hero power but it is also one that people must use with great responsibility. There would be a lot of temptation to do many wrong things. However, we know that many people would not abuse this privilege.

9. Healing Superpower

Healing Super Power

There are a lot of sick people within American society and the power of healing would be more than happy to have this kind super hero power. They no longer would have to take prescription drugs, spend countless hours in emergency rooms or have to receive special treatments just to make it through the day.

With the power of healing, a person can instantly heal their wounds.

They can also use this power to mend their injuries and to help people to come back from the brink of death. Healing a great power because people could use it to get rid of dangerous diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and even cancer. Heck, if someone had this type of ability they would be really something special.

8. Underwater Breathing Superpower

Underwater Breathing Superpower

Many people do not like to get into the water because they cannot swim. However, if they had the ability to breath underwater they could swim the dolphins and talk to sea creatures. Underwater breathing is a great superpower that the royal patron Aquaman possesses. This is a great power for people who like to competitively swim or just hang out in the ocean.

7. Time Travel Superpower

Time Travel Superpower

Traveling through time is a superpower that people can use to go back into their life to correct their problems in life. They can also use this power to stay within a certain time period of their life where everything was golden.

Time travel is a superpower that Marty McFly (technically not a superhero but the super actor Michael J. Fox) had in Back to the Future. Most people want this power because they can use it to travel into the future as well as the past. Even if they encounter a scary event such as their death; most people would not mind having this ability.

6. Invulnerability Superpower

 Invulnerability Superpower

Superman has the power of invulnerability. He can get shot, blown up and smashed by buildings but not die. This power would really be a good power for kids to have because they can stop bullies and tough kids from making their life miserable.

Also, many people want invulnerability so they can stop criminals and have shoot outs with bad guys. Yea, this is one great superpower that will really make a person rough and tough. They could take on any challenge and win because they will never get their butt kicked.

5. Telepathy Superpower


Telepathy is a great superpower but it is one of those abilities that people would have to use with serious caution. Why? Reading and controlling other people’s minds might not be a really good thing. Let’s face it, many people have a lot of strange, unusual and crazy thoughts going on inside of their head.

If you had the ability to access what they are thinking, then you probably would not want to be inside of their mind. This ability is cool for playing tricks on people and for knowing what people are thinking, so you can have the advantage. Other than that this is one ability that you have to be careful about using.

4. Super Agility Superpower

Super Agility Superpower

Superhuman agility is a very good superpower to have because being able to dodge bullets, laser rays and punches from enemies is always a good thing. People with super agility can outmaneuver multiple enemies all at once. They can also traverse various environments like a world class Parkour champion or Olympic gymnast. Spider has super agility and so does Wonder Woman. Both of these heroes often use this skill to beat down the bad guys or to get away from a really tough opponent.

3. Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Speed

From the earliest of times, speed is an attribute that all human beings covet. With speed, people can accomplish a lot of things. Many people want the power of superhuman speed. Heroes such as Quick Silver and the Flash have this ability. They can outrun their opponents or literally run circles around them without ever being touched. This is one great skill that will allow a person to outrun Usain Bolt and to become the fastest person on Earth.

2. Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman strength is one of the most desirable traits that all people want. The Hulk has this ability and so does Spiderman, Juggernaut, and Rouge. The movie version of Rouge does not but the comic book version of rouge has this power. Samson and Hercules were to ancient people who had amazing strength. Modern day people want this attribute. This is especially true for men. Why? Because superhuman strength is the ultimate masculine quality. Women even covet this power as well.

1. Flying Superpower

Flying Superpower

The ability to fly is the greatest of all superpowers. This superhuman ability is coveted because it allows people to fly through the air. This is something that most people would like to do on their own without the use of aircraft. Heroes such as Superman, Ironman, Thor, Green Lantern, Wasp and the Falcon can all fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Being able to fly just taps into a person’s inner desire to explore the heavens and to soar with the birds.

All of these superpowers are great qualities for anyone to possess. If someone ever is fortunate enough to have them they too could become a respectable hero that everyone looks up to.