An ambidextrous person can use their left and right hands equally. Only 1% of the total population can do this type of thing. While a person can train their opposite hand to do behave like the hand they normally use; very few people can actually perform this type of activity. Here are 10 facts about ambidextrous people that you might not have known about.

10. A Two Handed Writer

The defining characteristic of an ambidextrous person is their ability to write with both hands. This is a fine motor skill action that can be mastered only by a few people. Only 10% of all people are truly left, handed people. So, being able to use both hands to write is something that should be appreciated by the individuals that can do this thing.

9. Many People are Ambisinistral

Ambidextrous Pitcher

Ambisinistral is a lesser form of ambidextral. When a person is ambisinistral they can use their non-dominate hand almost as good as their dominant hand. Many people can train themselves to be ambisinistral. This is why basketball players, boxers and many athletes learn how to shoot and jab with their opposite hands. This is a great skill for anyone to have because it helps a person to make the most use of both of their hands.

8. A Symmetrical Brain

Symmetrical Brain

Many right handed people have a left brain dominance. People who are left-handed and ambidextrous have a symmetric brain formation. Medical professionals and researchers have determined that left and ambidextrous individuals have a greater ability to adapt and function. They can also be seen as creative. In short, people with a symmetrical brain are seen as people who will more than likely to succeed within society and in life.

7. The Synesthesia Factor

When a person has mixed senses this condition is called Synesthesia. Having a cross-sensory perception simply means that a person can experience things to a higher degree than the average person. Not only can they adapt better to things that are going on around them, they can also adjust themselves to various circumstances that many right-handed people will have a hard time dealing with. People with mixed senses are also more intuitive about what is going on around them.

6. Bad Chromosomes

bad chromosomes

People with ambidextrous abilities typically have a gene deficiency that is closely linked to schizophrenia. This is because they have the LRRTM1 gene on their second chromosome. This is the same gene that is commonly found in people with schizophrenia disorder. Studies have also verified this belief. Sound research has concluded that ambidextrous and left-handed people have higher incidents of schizophrenia than people who are right handed.

5. Two-Handed Sex


The BBC Science website reported that at least 9.2% of men and 15.6% of women who are ambidextrous are bisexual. These numbers were a lot lower for right and left handed people. Left handed people tended to have a slightly higher incidence of bisexual behavior. People who are right-handed had the lowest incidence of this behavior. For some reason, ambidextrous people just like getting it on with both sexes.

4. Lack of Intelligence

Many ambidextrous people can adapt and have a greater sense of what is going on around them, but they tend to score low in terms of general intelligence. This could happen for a variety of different reasons.

Many mixed-handed people have a different way of seeing things. They have a tendency to rely on their physical ability more so than their minds. This does not mean that a mixed-handed person is not smart but they just might not need to rely so much on mental ability over physical ability.

You should not forget that ambidextrous people could score lower because they might not have the ability to process information in the same way as a right or left-handed person. It could also be that they rely less on their mind to get through life. While no one knows the real reason for this phenomena, people are amazed that it is statistically true.

3. Ambidextrous People Have Difficulties

Many ambidextrous people have difficulties in terms of language skills and they often have a higher rate of ADHD. This could be the result of the brain’s formation or it could be the result of how mixed-handed people processes the world around them.

Ambidextrous people tend to have these problems early on in life and might outgrow them later on. However, just because a person is ambidextrous that does not mean that they are naturally slow or unable to sit still for long periods of time.

2. Anger is Factor


Ambidextrous people tend to be angrier than the rest of the population. Many medical researchers found out that anger among mixed-handed people tends to affect their mood. They are usually quicker to react and to become upset.

Further research does not reveal that ambidextrous people have more of an anger problem than the normal person. Again, these individuals have a slight alteration to their genetic makeup which could lead to their issues regarding anger. Once again this does not mean that an ambidextrous person will automatically be angrier than any other type of individual.

Ambidextrous people are also awkward and clumsy when compared to their left and right handed counterparts. However, this does not mean that all ambidextrous people have these issues.

1. Mood Changes

People who are mixed-handed have a tendency to change their mood. They can do so very quickly and with little prompting. Once again, this fact was the result of serious research into the matter. Right and left handed people tended to give in but ambidextrous people often changed their mood based on factors such as their environment, directed through or music being played in the background.

Ultimately, ambidextrous people have advantages with the use of their hands and limbs but they tend to be more prone to specific issues that are undesirable within society. If a person can use their left and right hands on an equal basis, then they should really be grateful for this ability despite the negative things that come with it.