Nymphomania is a mental disorder that is used to describe a female who is hypersexual or who has a strong desire. This type of mental disorder has been wrongly prescribed to females that are promiscuous or that engages in the normal sexual activity.

However, a real nympho will not be able to control her desire or sexual behavior on her own because of her mental disorder. A promiscuous female will be able to control herself if she chooses. Here is a list of misconceptions or things that you might not have known about nymphomaniacs.

10. This Term Is Just For Women

Greek Nymph

The word nymph is a Greek term that comes from this nation’s mythology. In Greek mythology, nymphs were Greek minor deities who love to be free and sexually promiscuous. They did not have inhibitions like wives or daughters. However, male versions of nymphs are called satyros.

The nymph term is designated just for women because Greek culture acknowledged these deities or type of females under this term. So, a male can never be a nymph and this is a title that will forever be exclusive to women.

9. Too Much Stimulation?

Victorian era nympos

During the Victorian age in England, many doctors thought that females would become nymphos if they were overstimulated. This stimulation could come from a variety of different sources such as dwelling on dirty thoughts, eating too much chocolate or eating a bunch of rich food.

Doctors from the Victoria era honestly believed that women had a delicate nerve fiber that caused women to behave in this way. Little did they know that this was (and is) a serious mental disorder. However, many women were denied of or limited with the amount of Earthly pleasures that were available at the time.

8. It’s All In Her Head

phrenology women

Some doctors or medical professionals honestly believe that women with certain head shapes are likely to become nymphomaniacs. Modern medical science dispels this false notion but many people do claim that there is a lot of truth in it.

A medical professional class known as Phrenologists believe that the processes of physical love and sexual attraction is located at the back of a person’s head behind their ears. They state that if this part of the head is big then a person will have too much sex on the brain. Again, this is not necessarily true but their findings indicate that many women who are nymphos have larger than normal head sizes.

7. The New Term For Nymphos Is Sex Addicts

Nympho Addict

Nymphomania is no longer considered a valid term. Instead, it is recognized as being hypersexualized. Keep in mind that medical professionals cannot put a figure on how much sex is too much. So, they officially did away with the term nymphomania.

However, hypersexualized people tend to have a greater frequency of sexual activity whether they are with other people or by themselves. Remember that this is a disorder that leads females to want to have a lot of sexual activity.

6. Nymphos Are Sick

Many people honestly believed that nymphos were sick and disturbed people. Keep in mind that this thought pattern originated during the Victoria era. During that period of time, females were expected to be modest and chaste. When a female did not fit into that frame of mind they were considered to be nymphos.

People in that did believe that nymphomania was a condition but thought of it as a symptom of another type of disease. Females who display nympho behavior in modern times are still being held to those previous cultural norms. However, many of those norms have changed since that time.

5. Nymphomaniacs Are Not Great Girlfriends

Couple Nympho

Many people think that nymphomaniacs will not make a good girlfriend but this may or may not be true. The fact is that nymphomaniacs are no different than any other person, other than their hypersexualized state of being.

Just because a woman desires a lot of intimacy does not mean that she is a bad person. If sexual activity is something that appeals to a guy he should marry her. A nymphomaniac might need a lot of sexual stimulation and satisfaction but that does not mean she is not a good partner.

6. Nymphomania Is a Sin

Nympho and sin

Nymphomania is a sin and so is fornication, masturbation, and homosexuality. The point is that all sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin. People must be careful about calling nymphomania a sin. The reason being is that many women might be physiologically wired to have a strong sex drive.

Women who know they have a high desire for sex should get a husband to help satisfy these urges. If not they will probably be judged in this manner. While society is no longer predominately Christian, plenty of people still thinks women should be modest and well kept.

3. Nymphomania Can Be Cured

Many people think that nymphomania can be cured. However, this is not true. Remember that nymphomania is a disorder. Since it is, it can only be managed. Hypersexual activity and behavior can be modified. Medications such as anti-depressants, anti-androgens, mood stabilizers and naltrexone are often used to treat this disorder. Psychotherapy and counseling treatments are also used to treat this disorder as well.

2. It’s Not All Good For Nymphos

Many people wrongly assume that sexual addiction is a great thing to have. While that might be true in terms of the sexual gratification and ease of sex; this disorder has plenty of problems which accompany it. Many people who are hypersexualized were abused as children. They also have to deal with damaged relationships, sexually transmitted diseases and loss of reputation. If you think about it all of these factors are serious issues for women who are true nymphos.

1. Nymphomaniacs Don’t Even Enjoy Doing It?

Nymphos enjoy sex like anyone else. Yes, they can get bored with doing it all of the time but remember they still will have sex because they are being compelled to do it. However, this does not mean that they do not enjoy the pleasure associated with it.

Nymphos are women who are wired for sex. They are no different from anyone else who wants to get it on physically. This does not mean that they do not enjoy having a good time with a person that they love and care about.

Nymphomaniacs are not strange people that always sit around wanting to have sex with everything that moves. Many of them keep their sexual desires under enough control to focus it on a person they love or they will express their desires by themselves. They just do not indiscriminately find people to have sex with for the sake of having sex.