Do you want to travel to Mexico? Mexico is found between Central America and the United States. It’s a country blessed with beautiful beaches, deserts, jungles and mountains. In this guide, we look at 10 things not do in Mexico.

1. Eating Any Street Food


Depending on your budget, you should be careful when it comes to eating street food in Mexico. That’s because although Mexico’s street food is one of the best, you may experience side effects. That’s because even Mexicans sometimes have issues with street food. Consider eating street food that’s hot in clean establishments.

2. Disrespecting Churches, Nuns, and Priests


Avoid disrespecting religion in Mexico. That’s because the majority of Mexicans are Christians. You should take off your sunglasses and hats when in churches or near religious sites. You should also respect religious painting and statues. That will enable you to gain the respect of Mexicans.

3. Spicy Food


Avoid ordering food without asking how spicy it will be in Mexico. That’s because Mexican restaurants will serve you food with lots of spices in most cases. The best way to avoid this is by asking your waiter how the chef will prepare your food.

4. When Somebody Sneezes

Girl in winter clothing sneezing

Make sure you avoid staying silent when anyone near you sneezes. As a sign of courtesy in Mexico, say “Salud”. Mexicans appreciate this gesture.

5. Destination


Do not travel near border towns in Mexico. That’s because even ordinary Mexicans avoid going to these cities. That’s because of the drug war and fights between cartels. As a visitor, consider traveling to cities such as Mexico City, Cancun, and Guanajuato.

6. Do Not Take Cabs in Guadalajara or Mexico City


Consider taking Uber taxis instead of cabs in Guadalajara and Mexico Cities. That’s because you run the risk of boarding pirate cabs. You will risk getting mugged of charged for almost anything.

7. Assuming the Whole of Mexico Is Bad


Mexico consists of 32 States. That means that although some are fighting against drugs, the others are peaceful. That should make you avoid commenting that Mexico is a drug country. They will consider you rude if you try to imply that Mexico is insecure as a result of the drug war.

8. Water


Avoid drinking any water in Mexico. That’s because it might not be clean. You should also avoid iced drinks if you can. That’s because this ice is from the unsafe water that you are supposed to avoid. You should only take drinking water from establishments that you can trust.

9. Northern Deserts


You should avoid traveling to Mexico Northern deserts. That’s especially during summer, from May to September. That’s because you may suffer from heat strokes caused by sudden wind shifts.

10. Souvenirs


Do not carry souvenirs such as live animals or dried frogs. That’s because its illegal in Mexico and can land you in trouble.

What to Do

1) Pay in Mexico pesos. That will enable you to get the best deals as compared to paying in dollars. That’s because if you pay in dollars, you will most likely get a bad exchange rate.

2) Try to bargain. That will enable you to get the best deals. You should try getting to know the lowest that the vendor can accept, although you should not press them too much.

3) When eating in restaurants, do not forget to tip your waiter. Depending on the duration of your stay, they will advise you on the best types of food, of course without too many spices. Keep in mind that tips make up substantial percentages of most restaurant workers salaries in Mexico.

4) Choose travel agencies with local representatives in Mexico. That enables you to have a well-organized trip in Mexico. You should also choose those that have local offices in Mexico.

5) Plan your Mexico trip in advance. That will enable you to visit the best sites at the right time. Consider the size of your group and your budget estimates.

6) Have travel insurance. That enables you to have coverage in the case of unexpected emergencies.

7) Choose travel operators that show proof of having full travel insurance covers. That ensures you will get refunds or compensation in the case of cancellations and overbooking.


The above guide on 10 things not to do in Mexico and its solutions should make it easier for you to travel to Mexico. Remember to check your budget estimates and choosing reputable travel agencies for the best experience.