We all went through our teen years and we all had fads that we all followed. For some, this means the way we wore our hair or certain articles of clothing that you absolutely had to have. Today, it seems that the teen fads are getting stranger and much more dangerous. Some of them will just make you wonder what these kids are thinking. Below is a list of some of the latest and the strangest teen fads.

1. Beezin


Bert’s Bees is one of the most popular brands of lip balm on the market today. While it is supposed to be used to treat chapped, dry lips, today’s teens have found another use for it. They think that they have anyway. Teens today are taking the lip balm and applying it directly to their eyeball to get them high. Medical experts have stated that “beezin” can result in swelling and inflammation of the eye, pink eye, and other optical issues. Also, there is no active ingredient that can get a person high. All these teens are doing is basically getting them a one-way ticket to the optometrist.

2. Snorting Smarties


Anyone who has ever gone trick-or-treating in their life knows what Smarties are. They are the small, chalky candies that come in a variety of pastel flavors. You were a kid you likely ate these delicious candies. Today, kids are snorting them. They are crushing up the candies to a powder form so that it resembles cocaine. In true cocaine fashion, they snort them. Doctors warn that snorting Smarties can result in nasal irritation, a chronic cough, and severe asthma attacks. While snorting these candies is better than snorting cocaine, it is still dangerous.

3. Pharm Parties


When we were kids, we would mix as many different ingredients together as possible to see how gross you could make the concoction. You would then choose someone at the party to eat what you created. Today, things are different and much more dangerous. Kids are taking prescription drugs from their parents and bringing them to parties. They put them all together in a bowl and each kid takes the pills of their choice. They have no idea what the pills are for or what will happen when the counteract. These parties can start out fun but they can end up deadly.

4. The Knockout Game


The Knockout Game is an illegal and very dangerous game played by teens today. One teen walks up to an unsuspecting victim and hits them as hard as they can while another teen is nearby filming the whole thing. There have been many teens who have played the Knock Out Game and then found themselves in prison. It is a really dangerous and stupid game.

5. Vodka Tampons


Most people already know that there are many teenage girls are not too bright. One teen fad that many teen girls are doing today is vodka tampons. What they do is soak a tampon in a glass of vodka. When they put the tampon in, it gets absorbed right into their bloodstream. It is a good way for teen girls to get drunk quickly without having alcohol on their breath. This fad is not only dangerous, it is really stupid.

6. The Salt and Ice Challenge


The salt and ice challenge was designed to allow stupid teenagers to show other teens how much pain they can withstand. The teens sprinkle ice on their arm and then they hold a piece of ice over it to see how long they can withstand the pain. What this does is stimulates frostbite, causing a great deal of pain. Not only will this hurt a lot, it can also result in permanent scarring. It will give teens a reminder of how stupid they were when they were kids.

7. Drinking Hand Sanitizer


Teenagers today love to do stupid things. One of the really stupid things that they like to do is drink hand sanitizer. They do this so that they can get drunk without having to find someone to purchase alcohol for them. The best part for teens is that they can find hand sanitizer in many public bathrooms, in their own homes, and they can buy it at the store for very little cost. According to doctors, a 240ml container of hand sanitizer contains as much alcohol as 5 shots of hard liquor. It is easy to overdose on hand sanitizer and since teens love to test their limits, it happens more often than you think.

8. Car Surfing


Teenage boys today are doing something really stupid called car surfing. One person drives while the other lays on top of the car and holds on for dear life. While some teens get off the car safely, others are not as lucky. Not only can the teen fly off the car landing face first on the pavement, if the driver pays more attention to what is happening on top of the car and less on the road, it can result in a deadly accident.

9. Sack Tapping


Sack tapping is not quite as dangerous as some of the other fads on this list, however, it can be painful. It is done by teen boys, and they will walk up to their friends and hit them in the groin without warning. In many cases, there is someone there to film the tap and then post it on social media.

10. The Cinnamon Challenge


This is a really stupid challenge that seems harmless, but it can result in health issues. Teens eat a tablespoon of cinnamon without water and see if they can swallow it without choking. Some kids do choke, some vomit, and if the teens inhale the cinnamon, it can cause pneumonia. Also, the spice contains coumarin, which if you consume too much, it can cause liver damage.

Kids today are really dumb. Possibly dumber than we were when we were kids. Parents should know about the dangerous fads that teens are into today and how dangerous they can really be.