Many people might be surprised to discover that there are real life people who exist in the wild among animals and nature. Tarzan and Mowgli stories are not just the stuff of fiction. Throughout the last 200 years that have been many reported cases of people growing up with animals. These individuals have been discovered, and many of them have been placed back into society. The following information will describe real life cases involving feral children and how their lives turned out after they were discovered.

10. The Wild Boy of Aveyron

Feral Children

He was known as the wild boy of France since he was discovered in the southern backwoods part of the country in 1800. The Wild Boy of Aveyron was found with lots of scars, and he could not make intelligible sounds. No one knew how or why he ended up in those woods, but they did discover some amazing things about the feral boy they dubbed “Victor”.
He had an amazing ability not to feel cold like most people do. It was this ability that helped him to stay alive for many years. Many French scientists and psychologists tried to get Victor to behave normally but they were not successful. Eventually, they just institutionalized the boy and he died during his 40th year of life.

9. The Monkey Boy

Feral Children

John Ssebunya is known as the Monkey Boy of Uganda. He was discovered during the early 90s. When his father and mother were killed during an inter-tribal conflict, Ssebuynya hid in the jungle to save his life. He eventually made a connection with the monkeys and learned their ways. He was only 4 when all of this took place.

By the time he was found he was 6-years-old. The child survived by eating roots and berries. The boy was completely covered with hair and had severe intestinal worms. He eventually was civilized and learned how to speak. Then he learned how to sing, and in 2016 he is still alive performing with a child’s musical choir in the United Kingdom.

8. Ivan Mishukov

Feral Children

Ivan was an abused child who decided to run away when he was four years of age. He did not live in the open country or wilderness like many other feral children. Instead, he remained behind in the city to beg for food. Over time, the dogs on the streets learned to trust him, and this young boy eventually became their pack leader.

He lived this way for two years before someone realized that he was homeless and placed him in a public children’s home. Young Ivan readjusted to society and are now living a normal life. All of this took place in the late 90s and early 2000s within Russia.

7. Kamala and Amala

Feral Children

In the early 1920s, there were two children known as Amala and Kamal who were found out in the wild by mistake. A preacher saw them and thought they were animals until he looked closely at who they were. He then realized they were two girls who were behaving wildly within nature.

The preacher captured them, and he tried to help them to become normal. However, his efforts were very short lived. Kamala died one year after she was discovered and Kamala died by the time she reached 17. No one knows how or why these girls ended up in that Indian forest.

6. The Leopard Boy

Feral Children

India was home to a child named Leopard Boy. He was found back in 1912. His saviors uncovered the truth about this child. He was taken by a leopardess who kept him for about five years. Villagers from the child’s home eventually found the boy.

They killed the leopard and found the young boy. He could not speak and carried himself like a wild leopard. He finally learned how to speak and to walk like a normal person. He eventually passed away like all people but before he died, he became blind from cataracts.

5. Genie


Back in the 1970s a young girl dubbed “Genie” was discovered in a home. This child was forced to live inside of a room all by herself for at least ten years. Her father assumed she was mentally disabled and put her into this position. Eventually, her mother got tired of this situation and took the child to children services.

Once she was in children services, they saw strange and abnormal behavior from the child. This continued for many years. Eventually, Genie returned home to live with her mom. The young girl never learned how to speak or even to read. She was shuffled through the system for most of her life. Now, she resides as a middle aged woman in a home for mentally challenged adults.

4. Oxana Malaya


Back in 1991 within the Ukraine a young girl by the name of Oxana Malaya was found living with dogs inside of a kennel. She, unfortunately, had alcoholic parents that left her outside when she was just 3. She lived in this condition for six years. She only learned two words in her child hood and that was yes and no. She had to undergo intensive therapy change. Once she did, she became a normal productive member of society. She now works with animals as a career.

3 . Shamdeo

 feral child

The land of India is known for many things, and feral children have been discovered on a frequent basis within this country. Shamdeo was a newly discovered feral child from the early 70s. When people found him, he was out in the forests living among the wolves. He had matted hair and sharpened fingernails. Calluses covered his hands and knees. He ate raw meat and blood. He never learned to speak but was able to understand some sign language. Young Shamdeo eventually died in 1985 as a young man. He never fully adjusted to modern life.

2. The Bird Boy, Russia, 2008


Prava was a young kid of 7 who was discovered back in 2008. He was living in the nation of Russia inside of an apartment where his mother kept thousands of birds in their place. Prava’s mother treated him like he was a bird. She only communicated with in chirps. She did not pass on her language to him. As a result, the boy never fully developed. Eventually, authorities took Prava from his mother and placed him in an institution for psychological care.

1. Marina Chapman


Kidnappings are a huge problem in Central and Southern America. The nation of Colombia has experienced its fair share of problems with this crime. Marina Chapman was a victim of this type of criminal activity. She was kidnapped at the age 5 and left to die in the jungle. However, the girl survived. She learned how to live like the monkeys.

Eventually, she was discovered in the forests by some hunters. They sold the girl to a brothel, but she got away and ended up living on the streets. The girl was then captured by a mafia family that wanted to solicit her to buyers. A neighbor helped to rescue her from this problem. She eventually found happiness and the ability to live like normal people. Currently, she lives inside of the United Kingdom and has made a book called the Girl with No Name which is a best seller within the U.K.

These are just a few of the many feral children that are running around out in the wild. These individual’s circumstances and lack of parental care are what caused their situation. Truth be told there are many more cases of feral children that have not been reported.