People often wonder if a person’s mind can do amazing things over their body. The truth is that it can. It’s proven that a person’s body can really be controlled by their mind. Hence the term mind over matter or physical matter such as the body or elements. The following information will present the top 10 examples of mind over matter and how this mental ability can actually impact a person’s life.

10. Turning up the Heat


When it comes to mind over matter, some people can generate enough heat to dry wet garments or bedding. A group of monks did an experiment many years in the past that proved this activity. The monks were placed into a cold room and covered in wet blankets.

The blankets were heated up by their concentration and meditation. Once the heat was turned up, the blankets were dried out in minutes. Monks performed this activity because they claimed to transfer their mental states into another realm which requires the use of much energy.

9. The Personality, Mind, and Body

mind over matter

Strange as this might seem, people with a personality disorder usually associates some physical condition with this type of personality that they are experiencing. When a psychiatric patient becomes a different person, they usually have some physical condition to match their state of mind. For example, they could be a shy person who needs glasses and their body will adjust slightly to meet this need.

The point is that some people’s body will slightly alter to accommodate the different personalities that show up. This is not an unnatural thing because a person’s body will slightly change to accommodate the various personalities that show up. This is another example of how the mind seriously impacts matter.

8. If you Think it Works then it Probably Will


If you think something works, then it probably will. This is how a placebo operates. Keep in mind that researchers conducted an experiment with a group of college students who thought they were drinking beer. However, the guys were drinking non-alcoholic beer that could not get them drunk at all. As a result, many of them started to behave like they were drunk even though they did not drink real beer.

The point is that people can believe that something works even if it does not. Their mind can trick them into thinking that something is helping them out physically even when the agent is not real. This is how some doctors, aid some patients in recovery. They prescribe fake drugs and have them believe that what they are taking is going to make them better.

7. You can Think yourself into Sickness


The nocebo effect is just as mind-altering as the placebo effect. A nocebo is an adverse outcome that a person can experience by just believing that it will happen. Naceboes are a lot more common than people would think.

Think about the number of individuals who go through life believing that they are going to die; even when there is nothing wrong with them. Or what about people who think that they have a medical condition that does not exist. Some people can psych themselves out to believe in something that is wrong or detrimental.

6. Dreaming In Real Life


Believe it or not, some people can have a dream and experience the occurrences that take place inside of them. Some dreams seem so real that they might as well be. If a person has dreams about sex, death, adventure, flying or whatever the case might be; chances are their body will experience the phenomena as well. Some people have died in their sleep due to a very bad dream. All people have experienced all sorts of different phenomena to their body as a result of their dreams.

5. Body Functions Under Control


It has been proven over the years that a person can slow down their various body functions to a near death state. Some individuals and groups of people have practiced this type of things for years and now have the amazing ability to slow down their body functions to a mere standstill.

They can slow their heartbeat to the point where life would seem to exist anymore. They can also do the same thing for their breathing. Being able to slow down a person’s body functions to a near state of death is something that would be beneficial to some groups of people.

4. Visualization and the Impact it has on the Mind


People can visualize something, and it can come to pass. When a person visualizes that they are going to do something and sticks with it; chances are they will succeed. Visualization is also important to many sports stars and athletes. This is because it helps them mentally prepare for the competitions they experience. Some people visualize things in their heads, and they come to pass. The point is that visualization is a strong component of the mind and it can cause people to achieve what it is that they visualize.

3. Mind Bending


Some people do have the ability to move things with their mind. While this might seem the stuff of science fiction or some superhero power; there have been recorded cases of this happening. In Russia, a woman by the name of Nina Kulagina was recorded moving objects just with her mind. Her ability to mentally move objects were tested by credible scientists and medical professionals. Their findings proved that this woman’s mind was truly phenomenal.

2. No Pain Simply Means No Pain


Pain is one of those body factors that people wish to avoid. However, there are some people who can avoid pain by simply blocking it out. Yes, most people have this type of ability to some degree or another. They just cannot do it for major physical issues and pain.

Many people usually cannot withstand pain to the degree where it causes their body to go numb or causes them to lose consciousness. Pain is a negative body ailment that can be effectively restricted by people using their mind to control the hurtful sensations that it creates.

1. Your Mind is the Key To It All


Many people can often alter their thinking to achieve great things or least to live in a positive manner. A person that lives in a positive atmosphere will usually think positive thoughts. A person that lives in a negative environment will be influenced by negativity. People have a tendency to pick up and act out the things that are affecting or surrounding them. A positive mindset can help a person to get through life with relatively few problems, or at the very least it can help them to deal with a negative life without letting it get them down.

These are just some of the many different ways that the mind matters. Each of them truly reveals that the mind is a lot more powerful than any of us could ever imagine.