We love our planet, and we would love to hold onto it forever. However, there is a possibility we could lose it. Here are ten possible ways that could happen.

1. Particle Accelerators

Particle Accelerators

Physicists believe that particle accelerators have a potential to create black holes. The black holes will then grow bigger and bigger and cause the earth to implode and disappear. They are created naturally in the universe when two stars collide and implode. Black holes are characterized by as strong force of attraction which causes them to attract trap even light. The result is that black holes are seen to be black in color because no light is escaping from the black holes.

2. Rogue Black Holes

Black Holes

Some scientists believe that a rogue black hole could end our life on this planet. Black holes were first theorized in 1915 by Albert Einstein. Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking proved their existence in 1970. The good news is that they do not exist closer to our solar system; however, there remains a possibility they could escape and destroy our planet or cause a major disturbance which would upset the habitable environment on our planet. That would then spell doom for any life that exists on earth.

3. Gamma-Ray Burst

Gamma-Ray Burst

A burst of gamma ray bursts is created when two collapsed stars collide and emit radioactive energy. Their energy is estimated to be as much as ten quadrillion times more than the energy emitted by the sun. Such an enormous amount of radioactive energy would be able to destroy even the plankton at the bottom of the ocean. That would mean no more oxygen generation for the planet.

4. Omega Point


It is a point where the whole universe will become self-aware and end the world as we know it. It is based on the fact that as humans, we are continuously improving our knowledge and communication techniques. Once such technique reaches perfection, they will be transferable to the rest of the universe. That is when the whole universe will gain a collective intelligence and communication. That is all that will be needed to end our planet as we know it as the universe will start to rearrange itself into a new form. This theory was first put forward by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

5. Bubble Nucleation

Bubble Nucleation

A bubble nucleation is based on the theory that our universe was formed from the free energy that was freely existing in free space. The energy then went through a bubble nucleation state ending and lost collapsed to a lower energy state. That created matter from which our universe is formed and also caused the expansion of the universe as it is today and floating in free space. It is possible for that process to occur again and the energy that exists in the universe today to go to an even lower energy state. That change will involve the destruction of the current universe as we know it.

6. Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

The Bible does tell of an initial state of the universe when the power of God roamed the surface of a dark universe filled with water. Then through a series of instant actions, the world was formed through several stages. It says the current state will also come to an end. The sun will darken and not give its light, and all matter will melt into nothingness. Only the power of God will remain. If that happened, it would mean the end of the world as we know it.

7. The Sun’s Activity


The sun is known to emit solar flares. These are bursts of magnetic subatomic particles that are super hot. Other stars have been observed to do the same at a scale that is about 20 times more than the sun. If the sun emitted a powerful flare, the whole earth would be cooked. On the other hand, the sun’s energy warms our planet to habitable levels. If the sun’s activity were to decrease even by one percent, the whole planet would slip back to the ice age, freezing everything with it.

8. Alien Attack

Alien Attack

Every day new planets are being discovered outside of our solar system. Over 300 planets have been discovered around the universe. Therefore, it is possible that there could be life out there similar to what is n our planet. What that means is that alien could come and try to exploit our resources. That could happen if their planet is already unable to support them. That will then lead to war and end our existence.

9. Global War

Global War

The threat of a global war is much bigger than sometimes we like to think. There are currently over 20,000 nuclear warheads. There are also many biological weapons in many government laboratories. Nuclear and biological war could easily spin out of control even when triggered by accident. There is a global war likely to spell doom to our planet as we know it today.

10. Ecosystem Collapse

Ecosystem Collapse

The ecosystem is being destabilized each single day. We are cutting down trees to make furniture and build houses. We are slaughtering animals for food in large number and fumigating insects. That leads to extinction of both the directly harmful and beneficial insects. That mean sooner or later natural pollination will be greatly affected. Ecologists say there is a “marginal tree,” which will be the last tree to be felled before our planet ability to sustain life comes to an end.